You Can Hang a Phone and WhatsApp Group With This Code


Every now and then, people all over the world search for different whatsapp tricks to use for fun or to the extent of harming their phones. Just as virus and Malware developers, these people can go any length to trick others on WhatsApp. 

Hanging whatsapp

There is a new simple message or rather a set of Codes that can be sent to a whatsapp group to hang people’s phones. 

How It Works

When the code is sent on WhatsApp and the recipient sees it, his or her phone becomes unresponsive for some seconds or even minutes depending on the kind of phone you are using. If your phone is a low-end phone with less than 1GB RAM and poor processor, it could hang for up to 2 minutes. Are you surprised? Well, below is the code or message to make people’s WhatsApp and phone hang. 

Phone & WhatsApp Hanging Code


Please don’t send this code to WhatsApp groups with strict rules else, the admins may ban you. 

Code hang whatsapp

Note that if you try this out on any SpecNG WhatsApp Group, you may be banned permanently. This is because this post is for educational purposes and not to be misused.

Meanwhile, if you are a regular whatsapp user, I am sure you must have come across this whatsapp trick this year. Have you? 



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