Complete Airtel Data Plans for 2018 (Monthly, Weekly and Daily Plans) 


Airtel is one of the four major telecom operators in Nigeria with millions of active subscribers, thanks to the wide network coverage, fast internet speed and pocket-friendly data plans available that makes people to go for the network.

On this post, you will see all the available Airtel data plans this year 2018 as well as the codes to subscribe or activate them. In terms of activation, there is both USSD codes and SMS methods of activating your chosen data plan.

Just like MTN, Glo and 9Mobile, Airtel offers daily, weekly and monthly plans as well as weekend and night plans so these series of data bundles presents you with mesmerizing options that suits your need at a particular time.

Interestingly, apart from the conventional bundles from this network, there are also bonuses targeted at selected subscribers. There are numerous bonuses like the SmartRecharge that gives you 10x value of your recharge when you load card by dialing *220*PIN# (PIN is your recharge card PIN) and Airtel Double data bonus that gives you double of your data subscription. For instance, you get 3GB instead of 1.5GB when you subscribe for the 1.5GB monthly plan that costs N1000. Also don’t forget the Airtel Campus Bonus.

Airtel Nigeria

Complete Airtel Data Plans and Codes In Nigeria

Airtel Daily Plan

Like I said earlier, there is one-day plan available on the airtel network which gives you 30MB for just N100 and lasts for 24hrs though MTN has a better offer that gives 50MB at same amount. To Activate the daily plan, dial *410#

Airtel Weekly Plan

This plan gives you 80MB for N300 which valid for 7 days and you can subscribe to it by dialing *417#. Also you can go for the Airtel biweekly (two weeks) data plan which give you 750MB for N500. To subscribe to this package kindly dial *418#.

Airtel Monthly Plans

  • 1.5GB for N1,000 (Android 1.0): This is the most popular data plan on airtel. It gives you 1.5GB for N1,000 and lasts for 30 days. To subscribe, dial *496#. 
  • 3.5GB for N2,000 (Android 2.0): Airtel offers 3.5GB data bundle for N2,000, also valid for 30 days. dial *437# to subscribe to it
  • 5GB for N2,500 (Android 2.5): Here is yet another Airtel monthly Data Plan but gives 5GB worth of data for N2,500. To activate it, dial *437*1#. 
  • 7GB for N3,500 (Android 3.5): This data plan is offered at N3,500 for 7GB and it is valid for 30 days. Dial *438# to subscribe.

Huge Monthly Data Bundles

These are data bundles targeted at heavy data consumers who uses a lot of data on monthly basis. Some of the customers in this category are Vloggers, Bloggers, Business Center operators, bet houses, officies, households wifi, churches etc. These plans comes with increased data volumes and of course, higher subscription prices tags. We have analyzed them below.

  • 9GB for N4,000 (Android 4.0): For N4,000, you’ll get 9GB worth of data plan. Valid for 30 days, dial *438*1# to activate it.
  • 12GB for N5,000: N5,000 airtime will fetch you 12GB on the Airtel network, valid for 30days. Dial *452# to subscribe.
  • 24GB for N8,000: This airtel data plan is valid for 30 days. Simply dial *460# to subscribe.

Airtel Weekend and Night Plans

I told you that there are many data options on Airtel, we are through with the monthly plans, now is time to discuss the weekend and the night plans. These set of packages are targed at airtel customers that rarely have time to surf the internet during the day or working hours. It will be a good option for these category of customers. They are fondly called the “night internet crawlers”.

Airtel data plans

Airtel Weekend Data Bundles

Weekend Bundle 200: Get 200MB for N200 during weekends. Dial *472# (Usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday)

Weekend Bundle 500 – Get 500MB worth of Airtel data for N500. Dial *473# (Also usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday)

Airtel Night Plans

Also called SmartTRYBE night plan because this offer is exclusively for customers on the SmartTRYBE Tariff. To migrate to this Tariff, dial *312#. 

Now that you are on the SmartTrybe tariff, you’d have the option of 500MB for ₦25 (Mtn has a similar plan) or 1.5GB for ₦200. All you need to do is select the plan which is most convenient for you. You can start surfing by 12am but the plan gets terminated at 5:59am.

Other Night Data Plans (Unlimited Timely Base) 

This time based data bundle from Airtel are usable between 12am and 5:59 am (any day of the week), so you can also address them as night plans. It will come in handy if you have loads data you want to download.

TIME BASED 30 – 30 minutes unlimited browsing and download for N300. Dial *439*3#

TIME BASED 60 – You can get 60 minutes of unlimited internet access for N500. Dial *439*4#

NIGHT 120 – 3 hours of unlimited internet surfing for N1,000. Dial *481*2#

Airtel Social Plans (WTF Bundles)

Airtel WTF simply means WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook bundles used for staying connected on social media by chatting with family, friends, colleagues etc.

Airtel Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook (WTF) Plan – You can be online and connected on top social platforms with just N200 for 30 days. Dial *990# to activate airtel social plans.

Airtel Opera mini plan – Those of you that don’t want to miss the latest news and uodates from your favorite blogs and websites should see this plan as God’s sent. With N300, you get connected on Opera Mini browser for 30 days. You may call it unlimited browsing though it’s not actually unlimited as it’s capped around 350MB. To activate airtel opera mini plan, dial *885*1#. 

These are the available Airtel plans for Android, iPhone, PC and even blackberry users.

How To Check Your Airtel Data Balance

All airtel subscribers can simply check their data plan balance by dialing *223# or *140#. 

I hope this article made your day and answered your basic questions regarding weekends Plan, Triple Surf Plan, UNLIMINET Plan, Time Plan, NIGHT Plan, BLACKBERRY Plan, UNLIMITED Plan, Social Plan, Bundles Plan.

I think it will be nice if you bookmark this page or at least save it on your device for future and quick reference.


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