Startimes Has Added Daily, Weekly and Monthly Subscription Plans


Since TStv announced their presence in Nigeria, it’s becoming apparent they might knock the big players such as DSTV, GOtv and Startimes out of the game. This has increased a healthy competition in the Pay TV network in Nigeria as everyone is striving to make their Bouquet Plans cheap and more affordable than their competitors. This is a welcome development I must confess as we are no longer tied to the monopoly of MultiChoice here in Nigeria. At first, MultiChoice reduced the price of their GOtv decoder and additionally introduced GOtv Max which airs La liga matches on Super Sports Select 4. Startimes has just followed suit as they are also introducing a new favorable, cheaper method of of subscribing to their bouquet plans.

Image result for Startimes new plans

They have just added a pay per day, pay per week and pay per month subscription methods capable of giving customers some screen time with a price as low as N60 per day.

This I believe will prompt a response from Nigeria Cable TV giants DSTV. I am sure they won’t just sit there and watch other competitors take away their business from them. So let’s just sit, sip our sweet coffee and watch how this healthy competition plays out.

Meanwhile, Nigerians online have been happy about this new Startimes offer has there has been positive comments coming in on social media like Twitter after Startimes released the update on their official Twitter channel. See comments in the screenshots below.

startimes new sub

Kindly know that this new subscription method will kick-start as from November 1st 2017.

What do you think? Are you enjoying this competition building in the Nigerian cable network industry? Tell us in the comment box.



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