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SkrinAd Allows You Make Money By Using Your Android Phone

Nigerians to now get paid for using smartphone. Users of smartphone across Nigeria can now make extra income with their internet enabled phones by just viewing ads.

SkrinAd, a Nigeria-developed mobile application is providing a platform for phone users to rent their mobile phones screen as advertising space for companies and organizations and get paid.


The Co-founder of the innovation, Jimmy Babatunde disclosed that the idea behind the application is to create another stream of income for phone users to cater for their everyday bills such as airtime, Cable TV subscription, electricity bill amongst others as well as make transfer to their bank account(s).

“As Nigerians, we were concerned about the dedication of data and internet users to monthly subscription of data plans without any direct benefit.

Every day, internet users come across various digital adverts which they watch but do not benefit from in any way. So, we looked at how to create a win-win platform for both the phone users and the advertisers in such a way that advertisers will have to pay the phone users for viewing adverts that naturally interest them.”

Jimmy disclosed that the App took into consideration the displeasure of phone users with unnecessary pop-up Ads and drainage of battery life, hence, SkrinAd has been created to only display when user’s phone is on idle state and engineered in such a way that it operates on low power mode.

Users also have the liberty to choose which type of Advert they want to see, as SkrinAd is a targeted platform that seek to eliminate waste in advertising as client no longer need to pay for exposure that never occurred, he said.

SkrinAd was launched on July 1, 2017 and now available on Google Playstore while iTunes Store is coming soon.

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  1. somtochuwku ernest

    wizy pls could u put the download link to download the skin ad..thanks

  2. somtochuwku ernest

    this will be a nice method to make money..just waiting patiently fr the link to be dropped down..thanks fr the update sir

  3. Lemme wait for more reviews before i download it.

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