6 Best Methods to Pay For DSTV Subscription in Nigeria


DSTV owned by South African company known as MultiChoice is the most popular Pay TV network in Africa and Nigeria in particular. As a Pay TV service, users are supposed to be renewing their subscription once the one they are using expires. Of course there are different bouquets in DSTV with different price tags so you have to subscribe for the one that fits your need and pocket.

Having said, this post focuses on the best methods to pay for your DSTV subscription.

Just as banks and some top digital organizations embraces the use of short codes and apps for easy transactions, MultiChoice on the other way supports that trend by welcoming and collaborating with some online payment service providers for easy payment and subscriptions.

There are different dstv payment methods available for dstv users in Nigeria. While you can still walk into the nearest MultiChoice office to pay for dstv subscription, there are even better options that allows you pay from the comfort of your room at any time. These alternative payment options are what we are going to be looking at in this piece of work.

Best Methods or Ways To Pay For DSTV Subscription

Dstv subscription payment via Quickteller

  • Via QuickTeller:

Quickteller is one of my best payments platforms. It is simple, user friendly and fast to process. There is also a USSD code for those that want to carry out transactions without internet connectivity. QuickTeller allows DStv customers to pay for dstv subscriptions online. You can make dstv payment with Quickteller on the web, at ATM or via the Quickteller mobile app. However, you must have a valid debit card for this to. Be successful (Verve, MasterCard etc).

After successful payment, the amount will be debited from your bank account and your DSTV account will be credited and your viewing will be restored. You can read more on the Quickteller payment via their official website

Dstv eazy payment method

  • Via Eazy.dstv.com Online Payment

Also known as “DSTV Eazy Self Service”, you can pay either your personal subscription or someone’s subscription via this platform. There is also option to pay for someone abroad (only for selected countries).

To get started, just go to eazy.dstv.com and then log into your dstv account. Enter the smartcard number of the dstv account you want to pay for, verify and follow the prompts. That’s it and your account will be credited.

Bank app method

  • Via Bank Mobile Apps

Like I pointed out earlier on this article, almost all banks in Nigeria now uses a mobile banking app and some if these banks adds MultiChoice dstv Nigeria subscriptions option to their app so that customers can easily pay from their phone instead of visiting the banking halls and queuing.

When making the payment, you will be required to provide the dstv smart card number that you want to recharge, the phone number of the customer and other necessary details.

Mypaga dstv subscription payment

  • Via MyPaga

DSTV customers can also pay for subscription online by opening mypaga.com, you can pay for dstv subscription online by making use of the available balance in your paga wallet or by making use of your debit card. You can also make use of the Paga mobile app or by selecting the Paga e-Pay dstv payment option when you sign in to your dstv account via visit eazy.dstv.com. For more information, you can check this link.


  • Via eTranzact DsTV Payment Option

I could remember paying for my school fees back in 2012 with eTranzact. The eTranzact BankIT solution also allows you to pay for your subscription, directly from your bank account, online and on mobile. etranzact offers dstv ussd payment option, hence allowing you to recharge dstv on mobile phones.

To get started with eTranzact payment option, dial this USSD code on your mobile phone *389# to access the PocketMoni dstv payment options, select the “pay bills” option and follow the prompts. Alternatively, you can dial *389*9*smartcardnumber# then follow the prompts.

Kongapay payment option

  • Via KongaPay Method

KongaPay is another amazing payment service provided by indigenous Nigerian online store – Konga. To make payments for your DStv subscription using KongaPay, visit kongapay.com or download the app ( available for Android and iOS devices) and then register or log in to your account. Go to services and bills and select TV subscription, select DStv as the subscription type, input your smart card number and follow the instruction.

Another interesting part is you can use KongaPay to autorenew dstv payments every month.

Apart from this top payment options, there are also more options available at the dstv self service portal. You can check the out.

That is it for today on methods or ways to pay for your MultiChoice dstv decoder sub. Some of these methods are also available for GoTv and startimes.

Which method your best? Mine is Quickteller.


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