How To Pack Light For Air Travel


Air travels can be fun and one of the best ways to make them more interesting is to ward off circumstances that can make us feel awkward. Verily, packing as light as possible items is one of the simple ways you can make your flight trip an awesome adventure.

Though travel experts often share interesting packing tips anyone can simply put into practice, some people have never found packing light an achievable plan. Meanwhile, a good deal of travel experts has shared reasonable ideas on how anyone can avoid clumsiness in the event of packing items/belongings for air travels.

In this very article, we have come up with some of the pleasant tips that will guide you on how to pack light for any air travels, either for Flights from Lagos to New York or London to Dubai etc.

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Avoid Buying a Clumsy Suitcase

If you are always keen to pack light for your air travels, the first thing you should avoid is a
clumsy backpack or suitcase. As an alternative, it is advisable that you choose a mini backpack, probably the one whose size is suitable for carry-on purposes. Prettily, this is the most obvious way you can avoid packing unnecessarily for your air travel. Admittedly, a small suitcase will discourage you from over-packing items.

Keep a Daypack with You

While trying to avoid packing clumsily for any air travel, endeavour to keep a daypack with you. Let the daypack be contained in your normal sizeable bag. Doing this will save you the stress of having all your items in a single bag. Wondering how true this is?
On your way to the airport, just bring out the daypack and this will give you the chance to
arrange your items in two separate bags. Besides the ease this guarantees, you wouldn’t be asked to pay any charges for baggage handling. Interestingly, this tip makes packing light an achievable plan.

Choose Only Lightweight, Quality and Wrinkle-Free Wear

One of the best ways to pack light for any air travels, whether short or long-distance trips, is to consider the quality, size, and fabric of your desired clothing. Lest I forget, it’s damn important to ensure your desired clothing is not rucked up or wrinkled. Wrinkle-free clothes are lovely as they keep you in a congenial mood especially at gatherings or any formal occasions.
Before you embark on a trip, make sure you have chosen only the clothes with the most suitable fabric for packing light. According to travel experts, suitable fabrics for any cloth packing should be transparent, lightweight, pleasant and wrinkle-free. On any grounds, such fabrics tend to accommodate limited space and free up your bag for other items to be added probably in the course of your travel.

Avoid Packing Cumbersome Items

Some belongings such as hefty boots and bulky pyjamas can occupy much space, giving no room for several other items to be included. More so, they frustrate your plan of packing as light as possible for your air travel. Rather than include pyjamas and boots on your packing list, you can just opt for sandals/ slippers and bikinis since they hardly occupy much space. Above all, they do give room for you to add interesting items like reminders or souvenirs to your packing list.

Stay Away from Bulky Clothes

Needless to say, you already know how much space your collection of bulky shirts, trousers, and underwear will take. But again, you have to make a reasonable choice while selecting lightweight clothes. If you’re very keen to pack light probably for your 7-day air travel, you can pick up a couple of shirts made from merino wool. Quite frankly, merino wool does have a pleasant feel in the hand and clothes made from it are extremely flimsy. What else? They can be worn day in day out without giving any unpleasant smell. If you’re in a hot clime, merino clothing would keep your body cool and in any cold environment, be pretty sure it will give you the warmth you desire.


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