How to generate FCMB token online with mobile banking app


You can now generate FCMB token with the mobile banking app. When mobile and internet banking first came into Nigerian banks, tokens used in authenticating transactions were in “hardware”, this means using a hard token to generate authentication codes. But now it’s much easier as customers can now generate FCMB tokens online without visiting FCMB branch.

generate FCMB token

The FCMBOnline token app is a software token security application hosted on your mobile device that is used to authenticate transactions on FCMBOnline (Web). This is an alternative to the Hardware token and the SMS token. The FCMBOnline token app is downloadable on the mobile phone making it convenient to carry around without stress.

The app can be downloaded from any of the stores depending on your phone type (Apple store, Android store, BB store and Windows store – (Android Version, iOS , Windows & Blackberry once we go live)

How to register as an Individual customer

Step 1

  • Visit the App store of respective device (i.e. Android , iOS, Blackberry and Windows).
  • Search, download and install the FCMBOnline Token App.

Step 2

  • Log on to FCMBOnline (Internet Banking) personal version and click on the “Utilities” menu.
  • Select “FCMBOnline Mobile Token”.
  • Select account to debit for the mobile token activation.
  • Input Transaction Password and Authentication Code
  • Click on “Process Request” to register.
  • If Successful, the platform displays “Token Registration Successful” and customer is debited for the charges and the following activation details displayed.
    • Serial Number – 10 digits
    • Activation Code – 21 digits
    • Customer ID
    • QR Code for QR Code activation.

Step 3 – Token App Activation

  • Launch the App, Click on “Enter Details for New User” and input the following:
    • Serial Number – 10 digits
    • Activation Code – 21 digits
    • Customer-ID
  • Click on “Activate”.


  • On the App, Click on “Scan QR code for New User”.
  • Phone switches to camera mode.
  • Customer Scan the QR Code with the phone.
  • Input the customer-ID
  • Click on “Activate”.

Registration is completed and the FCMBOnline Token App is ready for use.


How to register as a Business customer

For business accounts, download the app and visit the any FCMB branch to get your token activated



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