Latest Free Browsing Cheats on 9Mobile, Glo, MTN, Airtel for 2018


Hello everyone, I once again welcome you to the year 2018 which promises to be a fantastic year filled with favor, grace, open doors and amazing good news. 2017 was harsh and unfavorable for most Nigerians in many aspects. But we believe everything will be in good shape and better this year.

Well, this post covers all the latest free browsing cheat on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile networks in Nigeria for 2018. So we will be reviewing new cheats both data capped and unlimited cheats codes on this page. Hence, it will be a nice idea to bookmark this page and revisit it regularly for latest updates.

Some years back, free browsing tweaks (FBT) simply called “CHEATS” helped so many youths who couldn’t afford subscribing for data plans especially students who desperately need to do some assessments online and also perform researches as well as read latest news online.

For instance, there was a time we rocked unlimited cheats on Glo, MTN, Airtel and even 9Mobile but now almost all the cheats are blocked and the Telecom operators are becoming wiser by the day. In fact, the should thank us for exposing the loopholes on their networks so that they find a solution to fix them.

However, while cheats are scarce nowadays, there are now cheaper data plans available for subscribers on any network in Nigeria. For example, with just 25 Naira, you can get 500MB to browse and download at night on MTN and Airtel. But I understand there are still people who has sworn not to spend a dime on data subscription except free browsing. Those are the people this article is made for.

To hit the nail on the head, there are no free browsing cheats right now in 2018. Even if you see any now, you will still need to pay money in one way or the other for the activation thereby making it not free again. Some VPN apps like Psiphon, Tweakware, Stark, Yoga, Syphonshield etc are now only used for changing once location and appearing anonymous on the web. Most of them are no more working as long as free internet is concerned. I hope you understand now. But that won’t dether us as I will continue trying, scanning and doing my best to find a working cheat on any network and post here for free. But for now, let’s see this.

Free Browsing cheats


​9Mobile Cheats 2018.

Currently, the so called 9Mobile tweak now is the Magic SIM cheat which is not totally free as you have to pay some amount of money to get it from some sources who are demanding from N7,000 to N15,000 from people.

Meanwhile, when I personally tested the cheat, it didn’t work. So I declined from posting the settings here. I will also not advise anyone to spend that kind of money on a cheat. Instead get yourself an official data bundle with that money and you will be sure of what you have even though some claimed its unlimited. Cheats can get blocked at any time!

I urge you to check latest 9Mobile data plans to select the one that fits you while we wait for a better cheat.

MTN Cheats Codes 2018.

Again, I won’t deceive you because there is no gain in telling lies here. Disregard this MTN SMS cheat that some people says it gives 1.5GB of free data. It is not real. Even the MTN YouTube Streaming requires data subscription at a time for it to work. So whenever a confirmed MTN cheat arives, I will definitely post it on this blog for free but for now, you can check these MTN data Plans that can keep you connected online at a little cost.

Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2018.

Glo had the best cheat in 2017. In fact it was the cheat that lasted longer than others. The Glo 0.00kb cheat was a hit back to back because it was unlimited and totally free of charge.

However, towards the end of last year, Globacom blocked it but it was later revived and worked for some days before it was finally blocked. Now, if you don’t have active data plan on your Glo line, internet signal 📶 will disappear thereby making it impossible to create a cheat that is totally free on Glo network for now.

But you can checkout Glo Data Plans which are the best and cheapest plans in the country.

Airtel Cheat Codes 2018.

No Airtel free browsing cheat is working as at the time of editing this post. Airtel is even wiser to the extent of now capping free Facebook. Now you have just 20MB to use instead of unlimited not considering the fact that the freebasic doesn’t display images and videos.

But all the same, you can check latest Airtel Nigeria data plans here to see the bundle that suites your need.

Final Words

As you can see, our network providers are now wiser and they now have answers to many cheats that leaks. So no one should totally hope on free browsing this 2018 rather should consider affordable data plans. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be free cheats again. There will definitely be but it won’t last longer like before.


  1. I think you’re bird of the same feather bcos your headline is not the same as the content, not even 1 network cheat or free browsing was posted, if truly you know the etisalat own post it , it might work for someone by the way I don’t even think you get the real etisalat stuff


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