Download Latest Stark VPN App For Free Browsing via Glo, Etisalat(9Mobile)


Stark VPN is an application that allows you bypass internet restrictions by making your IP anonymous as well as changing your location on the web. In some countries and regions, their network providers known as ISP protect some social sites and websites from being accessed by the people residing in those areas but with a VPN app, you have free access to them.

However, Stark VPN works on Android and used for free browsing tweaks via Glo, Etisalat (9Mobile), Airtel, MTN in Nigeria and other networks in the world. The app has become so popular in short time to the extent of competing with the likes of Tweakware VPNPsiphon VPN and the newer AnonyTun VPN app. At the moment, Etisalat 0.00kb 60mb daily free browsing is still working via stark VPN while Glo unlimited free browsing is also blazing. You can checkout the configuration and settings guide here

Download stark vpn

Meanwhile, before we head over to the download link for this latest VPN app, shall we take a look at the uses, advantages and disadvantages of this app? Oh yes… I can see you nodding in agreement. So let’s go there.

Uses and Advantages of Stark VPN

  • Ability to use unlimited data
  • Secured connection
  • Compression support
  • Low battery/ram usage
  • Torrent friendly
  • Tunnelling ability
  • Bypassing of restricted sites
  • Change of location and lots more.

Disadvantages of Stark VPN

  • It displays ads and it can be annoying sometimes
  • It somehow drains your phone’s battery (especially phones with poor battery capacity)

At the moment there are many updated versions of the app as listed below:

  • Stark VPN V3.4
  • Stark VPN V3.9
  • Stark VPN v2.8
  • v4.0
  • V2.2 etc…

But the one on the download link here is the latest version.

How To Use Stark VPN On Android

  1. First of all, download latest Stark VPN App Here (Playstore). Install and launch the app.
  2. Ensure there is no active data plan and airtime on your SIM card otherwise, your active data will be charged when browsing.
  3.  Now setup your phone APN with below entries…

Etisalat default APN

APN: etisalat

Glo default APN
APN: gloflat

Interestingly, the VPN does not require rooting your android device. Having said that, follow the concluding part of this tutorial below…

Step 2

  • Choose your preferred location or leave as “Auto select location”.Stark vpn settings
  • Click on Tweaks, then select “Glo” if you want Glo free browsing or “Etisalat” if you prefer that.Stark vpn settings
  • Then Tap on the ” BIG POWER ICON” to connect and start surfing.Connected stark vpn

That’s how you can download latest Stark app to use Glo and Etisalat free browsing tweaks on it. Did you enjoy this tutorial? Please spare your 1minute to LIKE our page and FOLLOW US on Twitter to get similar posts. Also hit the share buttons below to share with your friends on social media. Enjoy!



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