Download FTS 17 apk + mod (First touch soccer 2017) 


First Touch Soccer 2017 is currently the most popular football game for Android users globally and it has already recorded millions of downloads. Although FTS 18 is now available for download, many people are still playing and enjoying FTS 17 on daily basis. So guys am glad to introduce to you First Touch Soccer 2017 ( fts 17 ) apk and the download link which is more better than the previous version of the popular Dream League 2016. The FTS 2017 comes with a better graphic display and other enhancements in the features. If you are searching for original fts 17 game, we have it here in OriginalSpecs Blog.

Download fts 17 apk mod
FTS 17

Unlike similar soccer games, FTS 17 comes in small size suitable for anyone to download without minding the disk space required or even the data for it. This is because its file size is lesser than 300 MB. In other words, the game require a small data to download  unlike other soccer game like FIFA, and PES 2017 that have a file size of 1.5 GB which requires a very high data and will consume a lot of spaces, in fact it will require the Android phone to have a very higher RAM value higher than 1 GB.

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Features Of First Touch Soccer 2017 (FTS 17)

  • FTS 2017 mod is actually one of the best modded games available today… In fact, that’s another interesting feature that distinguishes it from its competitors – ability to mod different versions of the game with new features to the amazement of gamers. Although the games graphics can’t match that of FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer in terms of quality but it’s still very much okay.
  • Players can select stadium of their choice, the type of league to play, player selection and some football kits to play with with the new upgraded features of First Touch Soccer 2017,
  • This game version is more better, impressive and addictive, than the older versions the major advantage that this First touch Soccer 17 has over FIFA 17 is the ability to play offline mode, which means you don’t have to worry about any extra data to play the game after download

FTS 17 Game Requirements

  • You will need about 500 MB free space on your phone for the game to stay.
  • Your phone android version must be running on v4.1 to v4.3.1,v5.0 to v5.0.2,v4.4 to v4.4.4 and v4.0 to v4.0.4
  • In addition to this,you will need to have an android phone with 1GB RAM and above in order for you enjoy the game with ease, but you can download it on an android phone with a RAM lesser than 1GB the only problem you will have is that it will be hanging and you will not be able to enjoy it well.

Fts 17 apk

How To Download & Install First Touch Soccer 2017 (fts 17 APK + Data) On Android

  1. First, download FTS 17 Game APK
  2. Ensure you click on FTs mod 2017 by Jan Model apk
  3. Then, extract the Zip file and copy “com.firsttouchgames.fts15” under the data folder to your Android/data folder
  4. After that, copy this ‘com.firsttouchgames.fts15‘  to your Android>>obb folder
  5. Now copy the file in the player upgrades folder to the following file location arrangements “Android -> Data -> com.firsttouchgames.fts15 -> files” then paste it

Once you have followed and done the above procedures, your FTS game is ready to be played. But before then, you need to install the FTS 2017 apk mod you downloaded and finally, launch the game.


That’s how to download and install first touch soccer 2017 (fts17) apk and obb data mod on android phones and tablets. If you have any issues while installing, let us know via the comments section below. Also kindly share this post by clicking the share buttons. Enjoy!


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