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SkrinAd Allows You Make Money By Using Your Android Phone

Nigerians to now get paid for using smartphone. Users of smartphone across Nigeria can now make extra income with their internet enabled phones by just viewing ads. SkrinAd, a Nigeria-developed mobile application is providing a platform for phone users to rent their mobile phones screen as advertising space for companies and organizations and get paid. The Co-founder of the innovation, …

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Top Best and Cheap Nigerian Web Hosting Companies in Detail

Nigerian web hosting

Information and list of best Nigerian Web Hosting companies such as Whogohost, Garanntor, Web4Africa, Utiware, Smartweb, Online Solutions, GlobalHosting247, Registeram, HostNowNow are available in this article exclusively meant for you.               Web hosting is simply the space a website occupies on the internet, the internet is a connection of several servers across the world …

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Here are 3 Samsung Galaxy S8 Alternatives To Buy

galaxy s8 alternatives

Are you looking for alternative to Samsung Galaxy S8 or smartphones that looks like it? Search no more. We have listed 3 Galaxy S8 alternatives you should consider when planning to get a very nice phone. No doubt, the Galaxy S8 is a very impressive phone but it’s for the elites and well to do because of its expensive price …

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