How To Backup ROM of MTK Phones and Tablets


This post is about how to Backup ROM of your MTK Android device. MTK Phones and tablets are mobile devices that uses MediaTek Processor as chipset and most of Chinese phones comes with this chip. Most Smartphones from Tecno, Infinix, iTel, Gionee, Xiaomi and even Huawei uses MTK chipset and these devices are very popular in India, Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Backup MTK ROM

Some of the advantages of MTK devices are cheap cost, easy and flexibility of tweaking hence it’s easy to change the IMEI of an MTK phone, it’s also easy to root an MTK device to enjoy even more customizable and tweaking. However, these tweaks sometimes brings the risk of bricking your device, so it will be wise to have a complete backup of your phone’s ROM incase something goes wrong.

This tutorial can be used to backup stock ROM or Custom Roms. Once you successfully backup your device ROM, you can safely restore it back anytime your phone start misbehaving or it’s bricked. Just follow the below guidelines to perform a backup of your MTK Android phone ROM.


  • A windows pc
  • Your mtk device.
  • Adb drivers which can be downloaded here or PdaNet here
  • Mtk droidtools download here
  • Usb cable


  1. After downloading the above apps launch Mtk droidtools 
  2. Then connect your device to your PC via USB (make sure USB debugging is enabled)
  3. wait for the Mtk droidtools to load your device
  4. If you see a blue button it means your device isn’t rooted so Click on root
  5. Then click on root, backup and recovery
  6. Click on backup
  7. It will start to backup your ROM
  8. After successful backup you will see a pop up saying “packing backup” just click on No
  9. Then click on prepare blocks for flash(you will be redirected to the backup folder)
  10. Select your device name from the folder and open files.md5
  11. After that the blocks for flash will be automatically created and you can find it inside your backup rom folder.

That’s all now you can start customising your device knowing you have a backup incase something goes wrong. If you still have a problem backing up your ROM let us know via your comments below for assistance. Keep checking on SpecNG Blog for important updates.



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