9mobile 0.0k 60MB Cheat Working With Stark VPN


It has been a long while since we last posted free browsing cheats here on this blog. We’re glad to.inform you gurus that the normal 9mobile 0.0kb 60mb free browsing cheat is back again, and working so well on latest Stark VPN version 4.4.


Even though the data cap is actually small, it can still be managed by some of us. At least we can use the 9mobile 60mb cheat with Stark VPN to load WhatsApp messages and browse some few sites. You’d be having 1.8GB of data to make use of if you are using the 9mobile 0.0kb cheat with Stark VPN.

How To Set Up 9mobile 0.0k Cheat with Stark VPN

Requirements » 9mobile (etisalat) SIM with zero credit and data; that’s why its called 0.0kb cheat
» Strong 3G/4G network
» Stark VPN v4.4 on your Android phone.

  • First of all download Stark VPN v4.4  HERE.
  • Install the app, launch it and configure thus:
  • Select tweak
  • Select “Etisalat 60mb New
  • Lastly, hit the RED Button and connect.

Enjoy while it lasts


  1. I downloaded the new stark vpn yesterday, i saw that 9mobile 60mb was there alongside with 9mobile unlimited. Now my question is, is the 9mobile unlimited really working like the 9Mobile 60mb alternative?

  2. Help me confirm it for a friend please while i awaits your reply i wants to say a big thanks to you for bringing back the glo stuff.
    I connected to it via stark vpn but ucmini is yet to work with those previous settings any other alternative?


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