3 Tips To Reduce Data Usage While Using Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter Instagram


That awkward moment when you just logged into Facebook or trying to view some pictures on Instagram and you get a message that your data has been exhausted and internet services disconnected, it feels so bad especially when you still have a lot to do on that particular social media app. Maybe you have some news feeds to read or you want to chat with someone before this happens. 

While this (exhausting of data) is normal, it becomes a concern when it happens so frequently and abnormally. If you are not careful, a 500mb size of data won’t be enough for you for the whole day or even some hours for just using social media app so that’s why I want to tell you these tipsthat will help you conserve data and reduce data usage while using social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, SnapChat etc. 


​1. Download & Use The App’s Lite Version 

Some Social media apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and Skype now have Lite versions. The introduction of lite apps is to offer a lightweight version of heavy apps so that users with basic phones and on low budget can still access the main feature of the app at the same time saving data, battery and speed of the phone. These lite apps are also suited for places with poor network coverage so in other words, it’s perfect for 2g phones and users with little data left. Alternatively, Facebook have “data saver mode” so you can turn it ON via the app settings and see how long it will go in saving data. 

Reduce data usage on social media
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2. Watch Few Or Limit The Number Of Videos You Watch
Don’t fall into the temptation of watching virtually every video you come across on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. Apply self discipline when it comes to streaming of videos if you really want to reduce or limit data usage. 

“Discretion is the greater part of Valor ” this was quoted by Falstaff in King Henry the Fourth by Williams Shakespeare. I’m not giving you a history lesson on Shakespeare, I’m not even good at that. Basically you should know that streaming unnecessary videos take a lot of data. Why will you spend your data looking at girls on Snapchat that would keep staring at the camera without saying anything?.. It’s your data but if you want to save it, you’d better watch videos once in a while. If you’re data connection isn’t too strong, buffering will definitely eat up a lot of data. You could find third party apps that let you download the video instead. Alternatively you should disable automatic video playback from all your social media apps. With that, Videos will no longer play automatically without you clicking on them. 

3 Turn Off Background Data For All The Apps 

Background processes is one of the most data suckers in every smartphone so if you allow the processes to continue, that means you are giving away your data even when you are not operating your phone. Turning off background data is the first rule of saving data. To turn it off, go to your phone’s settings and select “data usage”. Click on any of the apps then “turn off background data”. Turning this feature off simply means that you won’t receive any messages or notifications from the app unless you’re running the app. So your data is safe and protected from waste.

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That’s how you can reduce high data usage while on social media. Remember to always check on this blog for latest updates and interesting tips on how to use your smartphones and PCs effectively. 

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